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Titanium Heating Chamber

iTi tech, fast heating, stable and safe. With a quick twist the detachable bowl can be removed and cleaned with the provided tools or soaked in alcohol for a deep clean. The dry herb ONLY comes in contact with the titanium surface, so you can expect a safe experience.

Comfortable mouthpiece

The BPA-free all silicone mouthpiece is designed to fit your lips and doesn’t overheat. The internal isolated airway cools down the vapor before it hits your mouth.

Adjustable precise temperature control

Digital LCD display with adjustable temperature range from 180C to 220C

Compact size - fits in the palm of your hand

Fits in your hand, pocket or small bag. The KWIK is made for being on the go and perfect for a discreet quick one.

Up to 6 full sessions per charge

The KWIK is equipped with a 1600mAh internal battery and USB-C charging. That means you can get 6 sessions on a charge and can count on reliable rapid charging.

Haptic Feedback

Ready to go in 15 seconds and when your desired temperature is reached, you get haptic feedback so you know you can start your session.

Great flavor

Say goodbye to those “soapy” hits. The flavor is excellent and comparable to dry herb devices that are 5X more expensive. The titanium bowl and isolated air pathway keep the flavor natural.

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